St John the Baptist, Oakfield with Holy Trinity, Ryde is an Anglican church with an open, friendly atmosphere where ALL are welcome.

Priest-in-charge: Rev. Sue Theobald 617174

Parish Office: 564433

email: stjohnsryde@btconnect.com

Church wardens: David Rowe and Val Adams

To view our safeguarding policy please click on the link below:

Parish Safeguarding Policy May 2019

If you have a safeguarding concern please contact the Safeguarding officer: Bevaly Rackett on 01983 564433 (Parish office) or email stjohnsryde@btconnect.com

or Rev Sue Theobald on 01983 617174 or email rev.sue.stjohnsryde@gmail.com

Further contact details are available in the church porch and hall

If there is an immediate danger please call 999